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Hi! I am participating in the JPPS FunRun to support my school and our awesome S.T.I.M Program!

On Monday, September 22nd from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, JPPS Elementary School students will work on their physical fitness for a good cause: To raise funds for our amazing S.T.I.M Program (Sciences, Technologie, Ingénierie and Mathématiques) in our first annual FunRun. The S.T.I.M. program integrates science, math, engineering and technology into other subjects, making everything more interesting. With S.T.I.M., we do hands-on exploring activities to help us really understand how science and engineering work together in the real world. Today it is even more important than ever for kids like us to have opportunities to be more physically active. So in this FunRun, we are participating in a fundraiser that will help us expand our S.T.I.M program and get active at the same time! The money we raise will help us buy, and then explore state-of-the-art technologies like a 3D colour printer, digital microscopes and document cameras that work with Smartboards and robotics kits.

A portion of the funds raised will be donated to the Israeli Victims Of War Association (IVOW). IVOW was founded in 1984 to support Bar and Bat Mitzvah age children of bereaved families; parents who have lost their lives, or have been disabled while on military duty or who have been victims of terror.

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Recent Contributors

Robert Blom Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 09/22/2014
Lynn Butler-Kisber Date Received: 09/22/2014
"What a great and fun event, Mackenzie. I will be thinking of you and congratulate you for participating in this project. Grandma "
Jasen Kisber Date Received: 09/22/2014
"Have a great run!"
Nanny Blom Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 09/21/2014
"Its so wonderful that you want to join the Fun Run for your school. How neat is it that you may be able to help them get a 3D printer for your school. I would love to donate $20. and hope you have a fun day. (don't forget your water) Love Nanny xoxo"
Marit Ault Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 09/21/2014
"Hi Mack! This sounds like a really great program. I'm so proud of you for being part of it. That's wonderful that it's also supporting IVOW. You will do awesome at your run!! I hope you raise all the money you are hoping to. Lots of love from Aunt Marit, Uncle Neil, and cousins Isaac and Ethan. xoxo"
Laura Blom Amount: $ 16 Date Received: 09/20/2014
"Mack Attack! Hope you have a very FUN run and your school gets enough money for that 3D printer. Love Mommy. xoxoxoxox"
Greg Blom Date Received: 09/20/2014
"Run young Mack. Run like the wind :) "
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